Ships Husband Information

Planned Lift-in dates Spring 2021.



Launching is limited to five on each planned date and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 

To book a haul out/lift in email or call 07837848875 at least seven days before desired date.



Mon 10 May. HW 1124 (8.9m)


Mischief, Martin Snell.

Shamrock, Dave Faulkner (lift-out).



Fri 28 May. HW 1317 (9.7m) 


Annjohlyn, Graham Swiffen.

Ixion, Duncan Taylor.

Supertramp, Dave Holland.

Wildfire, Martin Elvin (tbc).

Why Knott, Russ Tabiner.



Fri 11 Jun. HW 1243 (8.6m) (dependant on atmospheric conditions).


Fri 25 Jun. HW 1217 (9.4m)






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