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The Offshore Racing is a combined FHYC and BFYC fleet and welcomes all FHYC and BFYC sailing boats that have a reliable auxiliary engine. The engine is required to access the marina and combat the strong local tides.


1    Responsibility of Yachts

      Attention is drawn to the Fundamental Rule whereby it is the responsibility   of each yacht to decide whether to start or to continue to race.

Pre race information will be sent via group email and SMS text. It is the responsibility of any interested entrants to ensure the Offshore Officer has accurate contact details-


2    (a)  Recommended Minimum Equipment and Accommodation Standards

All yachts must have a reliable auxiliary engine and VHF and recommended to carry the following equipment when racing offshore

                (a) Suitable anchor and chain/warp

                (b) Liferaft or inflatable dinghy

                (c) Spare Compass

                (d) Lead line or echo sounder

                (e) Log or other equipment to measure distance

                (f) Safety harness and life jacket for each member of the crew

                (g) Fire extinguisher

                (h) Flares (2 parachute red, 4 hand red, 2 hand white and 2

                      orange smoke

                (i) Bilge pump or buckets

                (j) Lifebelt

                (k) Navigation lights

                (l) Foghorn

                (m) Radar reflector

                (n) Small or reefing jib

                (o) Pulpit and lifelines

                (p) First aid kit

                (q) VHF Radio


      (b)      Any alteration to a yacht must be declared to Offshore Committee.


      (c)      At the discretion of the Offshore Committee open keel boats may take part in races within the River Wyre. The handicaps for such boats shall be allotted by the Offshore Committee.


3    Handicaps

Handicaps are applied to the time taken to sail a course allowing widely different boats to sail on even terms. For offshore racing PY handicap system set by the offshore committee.

      (a)      Each yacht shall be allocated a handicap by the Offshore Committee prior to the start of any race or series. This may be adjusted to accommodate crew or hull condition.

      (b)      If there is any alteration to the hull ballasting, trim or rig of a yacht,


      Or if any yacht intends to use an oversize sail for that yacht, the owner       shall inform the Offshore Committee.

(c)      A 4% spinnaker or 2%cruising chute handicap adjustment will be made if flown.



4    Identification     

      Yachts must have a visible sail number or name.


5    Entries

(a)  Yachts should attend the race briefing to be legible for entry. If the skipper is unable to attend the briefing should contact the race officer and it may be possible to make specific arrangements.               

(b)  Yachts that retire from or do not start such races must notify the retirement as soon as possible.


6    Rules

      All races shall be sailed under the rules of the I.S.A.F. And the prescript      tions of the RYA in so far as they are not inconsistent with these regula            tions and where appropriate any special sailing instructions.


7    Sailing during the Hours of Darkness

      Between the times of Sunset and Sunrise the rules contained in Part 2 of     the ISAF Racing Rules shall cease to govern the race which shall be                continued under the International Regulations for Preventing    Collisions at Sea. (N.B. This prohibits luffing during the hours of       darkness).


8    Narrow Channels

      If at any time a yacht obstructs the safe passage of a large power driven    vessel in a narrow channel contrary to the International Roles for Preventing      Collisions at Sea Rules 9b and d she may be disqualified from any race/    series.


9    Use of main engine

If an engine is used to enable a yacht to sail clear of a large power driven vessel, to recover a man overboard, to render assistance or in any other grave emergency, full details must be reported to the Race Officer, and the yacht will not be disqualified if the Offshore Committee consider the circumstances warranted the use of the engine.



10   Alterations

      If it is necessary to make alterations to the Sailing Instructions, then they will be reported at the briefing. It is then the responsibility of those in charge of the yachts to acquaint themselves with the alterations before starting. 


11  Signals for Starting Races

      The starts shall be communicated on CH37. 10 minutes prior the start time and course will be confirmed and 5 minute and 1 minute warning. The start time will be at the time specified using GPS.  


12 General Recalls

     A listening watch should be maintained on CH37 as courses may be changed or shortened.


13 Scoring System

      The scoring system will be in accordance with ISAF Low Point System as referred to in Appendix A,


14  Number of Races to count in a series.

      1 to 4 races sailed- all to count

      5 to 6 races sailed- all but one to count

      7 to 9 races sailed -all but two to count


15            Missing Mark

      Should a mark be missing it should be reported on ch37 to the race committee who will provide a corrected course.


16 Protests

      (a) Protest should be made on CH37

      (b) Offshore protests will be heard in the Clubhouse during the post-race briefing



17   Alternative Penalties

      (a)  Infringements prior to Starting

      If a yacht after the preparatory 5 minute signal (i)  uses her engine for propulsion (ii) receives outside assistance (iii) takes on board crew, gear or stores (iv) does not leave her mooring or (v) is not in the vicinity of the starting  line, she shall have 5 minutes added to her corrected time. The yacht shall keep clear of all other yachts until she has crossed the starting line, and shall notify the Offshore Committee of the infringement. Where engine has bene required to reach the start line at the required time then no penalty will normally be applied.



20   Time Limits

      Bay races finishing in Fleetwood will be constrained by the gate closing at the marina. (gate – 15mins)

      Piel races – (8 hours)

      The figure in brackets after each time limit is the time limit for all yachts to finish the race.


21   Finishing Times

      Each yacht shall be responsible for taking its own finishing time. The time shall should not be the elapsed but the actual time finished ideally using GPS time.


22   Trophies

      Trophies shall be awarded for each series or specific event as displayed on the Club’s Offshore Notice Board.


23   Prizes

      (a) Prizes shall be awarded for each race (not being a series race) and series according to the number of starters in such race and series as follows:

      In a series of races the number of starters shall be the number of yachts that start the minimum number of races to count for that series.

      1 or 2 starters  -  1st only

      3 or 4 starters  -  1st and 2nd

      5 or more         -  1st,2nd and 3rd

      (b) No yacht shall be awarded more than one prize for one race, but additional prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the Offshore Committee.

      (c) At the discretion of the Offshore Committee no class prize shall, be awarded in a race when less than 3 boats in such class start the race.

24   Insurance


      It is the boat owner’s responsibility to carry insurance protection for Third Party Liabilities of at least £3,000,000.




1    Morecambe Bay Series Races: The course to be sailed will be presented at the briefing and confirmed on VHF Channel 37 10 minutes prior to the start. Courses and race timing is to allow yachts berthed in Fleetwood Marina to compete and may be shortened to allow yachts to complete and still return before the gates close. Starts and finish line will normally be No13 – N016 and go out to sea. Should weather and tides dictate race may also be run up the river utilising BFYC river marks.


Typical course will be

Start No13- No16


Heysham No.2 (S)

Lune No.1 (S)


Finish No13- No16

2    Finishing: Boats shall cross the designated finishing line from the direction of the last mark of the course.

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