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November Musings

Well – 2018 gave us quite a summer did it not?

There was I, quietly tucked away in Loch Aline on a lovely sunny July day, reflecting on life, Grandchildren and whether it was time to put the kettle on when a masterful display of ‘Coming Alongside’ developed before my very eyes.

The vessel that caught my eye was a fine looking Halberg Rassey – an admirable craft in any circumstances and here was one gliding gently to land on the Pontoon opposite. You seldom hear shouts of anguish or panic from Halberg Crews and this proved no exception as she touched down as a Butterfly on a Daisy. Pretending not to look, I took in the stocky proportions of the Skipper, his rolling gait suggested a Salty Old Seadog  and the athleticism and experience of the Crew was evident  as they worked harmoniously to sort lines and secure their magnificent craft to the Pontoon.

Well – it is actually the final week of November and Claymore has ‘come out.’ More accurately the Good Ship Claymore has been recovered from the chilly waters of Ardfern and is now snug on her Cradle and about to be cloaked in her winter cover. 2018 will be remembered alongside the long hot summer of 1976  for me – the good part of being a member of B&F YC is that you can make a statement like that and the majority of members will nod and be able to cast their minds back effortlessly over the intervening 42 years. We really do need to recruit some young members!!!

Its good to be able to report that the Cruising Section does have some new members who have been putting the rest of us to shame with reports of they exploits in their Swift 18. However – next year will see them wandering further afield as the Swift has been Swapped for a Moody Eclipse – lovely boat and like Claymore, rather good for the West coast where it occasionally rains. Well done Robin and Gina Marsden – keep the reports coming!

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