A Brief History of B&FYC

Founded in 1906 as the "Blackpool Sailing Club", the name was changed in 1909 to the "Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club", with headquaters established in both Blackpool and Fleetwood. By 1911 the club had grown and had a membership of 102, with 30 yachts ranging from three tons to eighteen tons, and one schooner of one hundred and fifty five tons. There was also a seasons sailing programme which included fishing excursions, cruises and class and handicap races. Also organised was a yearly regatta which included a handicap race for Fleetwood Fishing Smacks, prizes of £40 were offered!

The club lay dormant during the 1914-1918 war, activities were resumed in 1923, the club was again actively engaged in racing and cruising. In 1939 the first efforts to establish dinghies were made, six 14ft dinghies were ordered frm Messrs Wrights of Ipswich, at a cost of £25.10.0 each. The club offered to pay two thirds of the cost for any members willing to buy one. Six members agreed and the boats raced during the summer of 1939. The Second World War stopped further activities until 1946, by which time the dinghy fleet had dispersed.

By 1950 the club realised that there was a shortage of younger members, so it was decided that the club should promote a class of Yachting World Cadet Dinghies. The Commodore visited local schools in Blackpool, Kirkham and Fleetwood offering free kits to build them. Four schools accepted and two club members also bought complete boats. Dinghy sailing at the club was now fully established and since then has thrived along side the offshore fleet.

The current clubhouse was build in 1962 on the same site as the original wooden hut. Today there are around 300 members, 150 yachts and 100 dinghies many of which race regulary.

(Extracted from "The Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club, A Short History." by Roy Frost.)

In 2006, as part of its centenary celebrations, the club was visisted by HRH The Princess Royal in her capacity as President of the RYA.

B&FYC Hall of Fame

Neil & Malcolm Marsden, GP14 National Championships
Barry Bullen, Flash, 2nd Half Ton Cup
Neil Marsden, Enterprise World, Commonwealth, National and Inland Championships, Endeavour Trophy Winner, Voted Sailor of the Year
1990 (89?)
Mike Preston, Mirror Junior Champion
Mike Preston, Nick Holt, Graham Nelson 2nd RYA UK Youth Match Racing Championships
Neil Marsden, Topper World Champion
Neil Marsden & Derek Hill 2nd GP14 World Championships
B&FYC Team 1st WLYC 24 Hour Race
B&FYC Team 1st WLYC 24 Hour Race
B&FYC Team 1st WLYC 24 Hour Race
Neil Marsden & Derek Hill GP14 National Champions
Graham Nelson GP14 National Champion Crew
Neil Marsden & Derek Hill GP14 World Champions
Graham Nelson 5th GP14 World Championships (Crew)
Graham Nelson GP14 National Champion Crew
Mike Preston, Brian Bottomley, Ronnie Preston Soling National Champions
Neil Marsden & Graham Nelson 470 National Champions
Graham Nelson GP14 National Champion Helm
Mike Preston, Brian Bottomley, Ronnie Preston Soling National Champions
Mike Preston, Brian Bottomley, Ronnie Preston Soling National Champions
Derek Priestley Soling National Champion
Neil Marsden 420 Inland Champion
Gordon Kevan Byte CII National Champion
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