Ships Husband Information

Proposed haul-out dates 2017.


Spaces are limited to five for each proposed date and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 

To book a haul out/lift in email or call 07837848875 at least seven days before desired date please.



Sept 11th (Mon) Start 1330
      1. Annjohlyn, Graham Swiffen.
      2. Barndancer, John Jaques.
Sept 22nd (Fri) Start 1130
      1. Mischief, Martin Snell.
      2. Wildfire, Andy Hibbs.
      3. LA Girl, Fred Laugharne.
Oct 6th (Fri) Start 1030
Oct 23rd (Mon) Start 1200
      1. Sky, Paul Reid.
      2. (Henry G), Belinda Taylor. 
Nov 6th (Mon) Start 1015
      1. Sea Mist, Gordon Kevin.
      2. Mister B, Neil Bleary.
      3. Kintail, Carl Anwyll.
Nov 20th (Mon) Start 1000
      1.  Seaweed, Matt Dyson
      2. Orangepeel, Chris Crawford.
Winter close down until March 2018 to allow for equipment service/overhaul.




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