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Proposed lift-in/haul-out dates spring 2020



Lifts are limited to six for each proposed date and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 

To book a haul out/lift in email or call 07837848875 at least seven days before desired date.

Mon 9th Mar, HW 10:48 (9.8m)


Mon 23rd Mar, HW 10:51 (9.1m)


     1. Bonnie Lass, Rod Collinson (out).

     2. Sea Swan 2, Terry McGrath.



Thur 9th Apr, HW 12:54 (10.4m)

     1. Temptation, Robin Marsden.

Fri 24th Apr, HW 12:58 (9.1m)


     1. Wildfire, Andy Hibbs.

     2. Mischief, Martin Snell.

     3. Wayward Lass, Diane.

     4. Supertramp, Dave Holland.



Thur 7th May, HW 11:49 (10m)


Fri 22nd May, HW 11:58 (8.9m)


     1. Annjohlyn, Graham Swiffen.

     2. Madrigal, Trevor King.



Fri 5th Jun, HW 11:31 (9.5m)



Mon 22nd Jun, HW 12:47 (8.9m)


     1. Kenevara, Mathew Alexander



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