NOTICE to MARINERS 04 of 2017 - 16th January 2017
No. 3 buoy reported unlit
Mariners are hereby advised that the No.3 buoy has been reported and confirmed as unlit.
Mariners are therefore advised to navigate with extreme caution until such time as the light has been repaired.




NOTICE to MARINERS 03 of 2017 - 13th January 2017
No.6 buoy
Mariners are hereby advised that it has been reported that the top section of No.6 buoy has broken away in the weather and has been reported moving upstream on the River Wyre.
Mariners are further advised to navigate with extreme caution until such time as the unlighted lower part of the buoy has been recovered and a replacement buoy placed back on station.
Mariners are requested to keep a sharp lookout for the top part of the buoy, and to report any sightings to Fleetwood Docks Radio on vhf ch 12 or by leaving a message on 01253 872 351 if the Lockhead is shut and no response is received



NOTICE to MARINERS 01 of 2017

List of LNtMs currently in force

Mariners are hereby advised that the following Local Notices to Mariners remain in force:


LNtM 01        General Directions for navigation

LNtM 27        Bunkering requirements

LNtM 30        Hull cleaning

LNtM 42        VHF radio frequencies



LNtM 21        Obstruction

LNtM 11        Controlling depth



LNtM 25        Sluicing dates for 2017

LNtM 26        Passage Planning


LNtMs 01/2016, 17/2016, 22/2016, 23/2016 & 24/2016 are hereby cancelled’


ABP Fleetwood

Port Office




Harbour Master

Captain Guy Lockwood

Tel: 01253 879 050                                                        

3rd January 2017

Owners,  Agents,  Charterers,  Fishermen  and  Recreational  Sailing  Organisations  should  ensure  that  the contents of this notice are made known to the masters or persons in charge of their vessels or craft.


NOTICE to MARINERS 11 of 2015 Trial Buoy

Mariners are hereby advised that a trial buoy with the characteristics of a red port hand lateral buoy has been laid in the approach channel as follows:

Model : G1500 Gannet Red Navigation Bouy
Topmark : Red Can  
Light characteristic: Flash Red every 3 seconds

Position: 53, 56.020N 03, 00.787W
Markings: Marked with the word TRIAL


This position corresponds with the previous No. 14 bouy.
The buoy is expected to remain in position for 2-3 months after which it will be recovered. 


NOTICE to MARINERS 03 of 2015


Mariners are advised that sluicing of the dock channel will take place over the LW period after the

following HW Tide times:


January               21st 11.29   22nd 12.14   23rd 00.40 

February             19th 11.13   20th 11.58     21st 12.43 

March                  19th 10.08   20th 10.54     21st 11.39 

April                    17th10.47    18th 11.34     19th 12.19 

May                      17th11.15    18th 12.01     20th 01.05 

August                  2nd 00.51     2nd 13.18      4th 01.22    29th 23.48       30th 12.15 

September            1st 13.44     28th 11.54     29th 12.38   30th 13.22

October               27th 10.33     28th 11.18     29th 12.02 

November            25th 22.36     26th 11.00 

Vessels are not permitted to remain on the waiting pontoon over the low water period of sluicing.

Vessels are advised to ensure that there is sufficient scope in their moorings to allow for the fall in dock level.

The lock gates may close slightly earlier than usual after High Water on these tides.
If you require a lock in, but no later than 1.5hrs after HW, please advise lock head staff before HW. For further information please call “Fleetwood Dock” on vhf channel ch. 12
This notice will self cancel on 27
th November 2015

Captain Guy Lockwood Harbour Master
th January 2015 


NOTICE to MARINERS 02 of 2015, Fleetwood

Channel Constants

Mariners are hereby advised that following survey, the controlling depth for navigating the Fleetwood channel between the Fairway and No.20 buoys is now drying 0.5 m above chart datum.

This depth is to be found just inside the green toe-line adjacent to the No. 7 buoy.

The remainder of the Fleetwood and Dock Channels are currently drying to various heights; mariners are advised to consult the latest soundings chart available outside the Marina office.

Mariners are also advised that the Dock Channel, particularly around the No. 23,23a & 24 buoys is constantly changing and extra care should be taken when navigating in this area..

These depths are only valid at the time of survey and are liable to variation due to siltation.

Mariners are requested to ensure that they allow an adequate under keel clearance, appropriate to their vessel, especially when navigating over the low water periods. 


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