The Eskimo Rasce sheduled for 03 January 2021 is currently under review.        Below are the results from 58th Eskimo Race.

Position CLUB BOAT Sail No
1 HLSC/BFYC GP14 14023 Matt Mee Chris Robinson
2 BFYC GP14 13654 Neil Marsden Derick Hill
3 Hollingworth Merlin 3755 Stu Bithell Katherine Kimber
4 West Lancs Streaker 1942 Steve Blackburn  
5 Southport GP14 8 Greg Thomas Poppy James
6 Port Dinorwic RS200 1601 Jonny McGovern Sarah McGovern
7 Leigh & Lowton RS400 1460 David  Exley Caroline Exley
8 BFYC FF 3641 Mike  Preston Derek Beddows
9 Hollingworth Merlin 3678 Steve Crook Evan Parry
10 BFYC Merlin 3622 Chris  Haworth Mike Hambleton
11 Hollingworth Scorpion 2026 Andy McKee Chris Massey
12 Sudworth RS200 1314 Jon Chapman Wendy Martin
13 Glossop RS200 925 Paul Brotherton Karen Brotherton
14 BFYC FF 3632 David  Wilkinson Dawn Wilkinson
15 RYA Fireball 15114 John  Hayes Joel James
16 Morecambe OK 2176 Keith Byers  
17 BFYC Phantom 1327 Mark Bamber  
18 BFYC FF 3622 Robert Mountain Victoria Manifold
19 BFYC laser 174577 Nick  Powell  
20 Hollingworth RS200 934 Richard Marsh Lauren  Marsh
21 BFYC laser 182219 Malcolm Marsden  
22 Bolton Supernover 1147 Iain Wilson  
23 Rossendale Laser 77718 Geoff Stones  
24 BFYC FF 3906 Peter Mountain David Guite
25 Leigh & Lowton Phantom 1229 Steve Norris  
26 BFYC Laser 179551 Christopher Lamb  
27 BFYC FF 3602 Paul Reid Peter Hewitson
28 BFYC FF 3732 Ian Hockey Val Hockey
30 Leigh & Lowton Laser Radial 213074 Stephen Roberts  
31 BFYC FF 3414 Jonathan  Clark Andrew Waddington
32 BFYC FF 3561 Andrew Riches Tim Seddon
33 BFYC GP14 14230 Ralph Haliburton-Chaplin Adam Chaplin
34 BFYC Supernover 399 Duncon Taylor  
35 RCC Ospray 1181 William Creighton Lewis Richardson
36 East Lancs Merlin Rocket 3634 Martin Royse Dave Anderson
RTD BFYC FF 3425 Michael Harris Luca Hatherley

Congratulations to Matt Mee (HLSC) and Chris Robinson (B&FYC) on winning the 58th Eskimo Pursuit race on 29th November in their GP14.

They were closely followed by Neil Marsden and Derek Hill, also in a GP14.


Sailors were greeted with a F2-F3 breeze and a relatively mild day for December.


You can find photos from the event here, thanks to Paul Hargreaves :


The 2020/1 event, the 59th Eskimo, will take place on 3rd January 2021.


For further information, please contact our dinghy captain Mike Preston at

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